dinsdag 9 april 2013

Week 3 preview - Rocket ice lolly granny

Source: http://www.cayman-cards.co.uk/rocket-ice-lolly

Ever had a Rocket ice lolly? It's what summer tastes like if you ask me!

 Even though I should be writing hard (2 interview articles and a feature due) I simply can't concentrate. So I've decided that it would be a better idea to crochet for a bit instead of struggling on fruitlessly ;) I took a peak at the new patterns for Granny Square CAL week 2. I'm glad to see Knot Your Nanas Crochet again found three great new patterns to make: the Sunburst granny square, the 4-Heart granny square and a hexagon flower square Knotyournanas designed herself.  I've started the Sunburst square already and thought I would give you a little preview of my granny half-way done:

I selected 'sunny' colours but while I was making it, they reminded me more of the popular ice lolly pictured above. Oooooh why don't we just skip this wintery spring and jump right into summer! I want sun, I want to wear shorts and slippers, I want to eat ice cream and sit outside on the grass all day, reading a book....

Which gave me the inspiration for the next granny on the list. The 4-heart square can also be made into a 4-icecream granny. Now which flavours do I want?... :p

Yarn I used:
SMC Catania in
neon yellow #0280,
canary  #0208,
orange #0189,
dark coral, #0252

Don't you love vintage advertisement illustrations? You can buy this vintage Rocket ice lolly ad-poster online as a postcard at Cayman Cards

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